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2002-05-08 - 2:43 p.m.

There's something I've had to come to terms with lately. I'm nosy. I am. I tried to deny it. I mean, I love to people-watch, but I always attributed it to a sort of public shyness. I'm ok in small groups, but I'm not much with strangers. I like to watch the interactions between people I don't know. I like to make up stories about what people are doing and why they're doing it.

We moved into this apartment in March and don't really know our neighbors. However, we've realized that the people next door are a little...different. The man who lives there seems socially inept and walks around the neighborhood (in March, which in the Midwest isn't exactly warm--we often have snow in March) wearing a beige flasher-type trenchcoat with white tennis shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt, none of which are exactly clean. The other day I was making my lunch and happened to look out our kitchen window. This is what I saw.

This is his back driveway. The white post (by the blue can) is the side of the garage. To the right behind the garage is a structure The Scientist and I have deemed "The Shanty." You can see The Shanty fully in the picture below, which was taken today...a week after I first noticed the awful mess. We still haven't determined what the heck he was doing. Going through junk, obviously, but where did it all come from? A lot of it looks like trash--food containers, paint cans, empty bottles and cans, cardboard. Was it all in the garage? Did he bring it outside from his house? Why did he bother to sort through it? Why didn't he just throw it all away? Why was it there in the first place? We'll never know.

As you can see, the boxes are now piled up fairly neatly (they've been outside on the driveway for the past week) and the garage door is closed (what's behind the door may be another story). The Shanty is clearly visible on the right. Now I'm wondering what's in The Shanty?


I'm still sick today. I took The Scientist to the airport this morning. He's on his way to his grandmother's funeral.

In happier news, we have a new niece! Born yesterday to The Scientist's sister (and her husband) via c-section, Baby D (no, you don't get to know her real name either) is 5 lbs, 15 oz and has fuzzy blonde hair and blue eyes.

It looks like spring is finally making its way here. The last two days have been warm (60s) and sunny. But the most accurate sign that spring has sprung is the bugbites appearing on my body. Two on my leg and three on my side. I have a feeling that something was eating me last night (and not in a good way). You know, if I have to be cursed with the world's most sensitive and pale skin, at least it could also be the world's clearest skin. But no. Red splotches, zits, ingrown hairs, random rashes and bites, and very attractive patchy sunburn (I think I'm allergic to sunlight. No. Really.) are a way of life for me. Doesn't that make you want to meet me?

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