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2002-05-07 - 9:42 a.m.

Have I mentioned that The Scientist gave me his cold? He's definitely the one to blame--I work at home and don't really interact much with other people during the day. That makes me sound like I'm some weird hermit. I'm not. Really. Although I think the UPS guy thinks I am. I mean, I'm home. All. The. Time. Plus, I shop online more than I shop in person, so he sees me more often than the average apartment-dweller. And I've answered the door in my pajamas more than once. And not in the early morning. More like the early afternoon. Then thing is, the people on the other end of my computer and phone don't care what I'm wearing. They can't see me. So sometimes I just don't bother to get out of my PJs before I start working. Then I get sucked in to what I'm doing and don't take a break that's long enough for a shower and actual clothes. I do try to shower and be fresh and pretty before The Scientist comes home from work. Very 50s housewife of me, I know.

Where was I? Oh, the cold. I'm sick. The Scientist is sick. I'm still going to play tennis tonight, though. It's the only fun exercise I do. Walking away the pounds (don't laugh, it works) doesn't count. It isn't exactly fun, although not entirely horrible and good for me.


Spider-ManWe saw Spider-Man last night. The grammar nerd in me was interested that the title was hyphenated. Spider-Man. I always thought it was Spiderman. Evidently I was mistaken. I pondered this during the opening credits. It was a fun, entertaining, superhero action movie. Predictable, but in a good way. I knew what was coming and wasn't surprised by any plot twists, but the way the story was told and the little details made it work. I never got bored. That's high praise, since I tend to be a bit ADD about watching movies. Easily distracted. The Scientist and I had mocked the fake-looking action sequences shown in previews (and in fact I had to convince him the movie was worth seeing--luckily I was helped out by a highly positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, his movie review barometer of choice), but in the context of the movie it worked. The computer-generated stuff was like a cartoon on steroids, a comic book come to life. The movie was certainly designed for sequels, but I'm looking forward to them. James Lileks had much more insightful things to say about the movie. Update: Gwen also had insightful things to say. She rocks.

Attack of the ClonesWe also bought our tickets to Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones at the theater last night. We're seeing it at 12:30 on May 16th in a theater with a positively enormous screen. The Scientist is beside himself. I think the movies bring him back to a happy idyllic childhood time. He loves them. Not with the obsessiveness of some fans (there was no dressing up like a character for the last one, although I do have to hear the "sold my Millennium Falcon at a garage sale" lament now and then) but with a childlike (not childish) joy in a good story, memorable characters, and cool special effects. We're both total born-in-the-70s kids in love with Star Wars--able to recognize the flaws, but in love with the story regardless.

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