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2004-02-21 - 10:27 a.m.


Our new washing machine was delivered yesterday.

The process was not entirely smooth.

The delivery guys arrived right on time and got to work removing our old washing machine.

A few minutes later I heard a loud THUMP. One of the guys said, "Oh shit!" and then, "Ma'am, can you please come out here?"

I went to our back entrance to find that they had punched a hole in one of the glass panes in the back door. They were quite apologetic and gave me the information to submit a claim.

They took the door off entirely and removed the old washing machine without any more trouble.

The new one went downstairs, but as they were hooking it up, they discovered that we were missing one of the washers/o-rings that went in the hose connection. Ack!

The Scientist picked up a new one during his lunch hour and installed it so I could do laundry in the afternoon. He also taped up the back window with plastic so the cold air wasn't rushing in.

The new washing machine has almost twice the capacity of the old one - it's great! I've done five loads already. Now we just have to get that window fixed...

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