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2003-04-24 - 3:54 p.m.

Sick Day

I pulled a sickie and stayed home yesterday. I felt terrible in the morning - The Scientist hadn't slept well and therefore I didn't sleep well, I had an awful headache, and I just felt wrong, like I was coming down with something. I didn't have any meetings scheduled (my calendar had been cleared for the class I was supposed to take that got moved to May) so I decided it was a good opportunity to stay home (since I always stay home, it was more like "don't do any work") and rest. I didn't fall back asleep, but I spent the morning in bed with several magazines. Eventually I showered and then ventured out for groceries (which turned into a trip to Target, a stop at a 75% off book sale, and a mammoth grocery shopping run). I didn't go to tennis and spent a quiet evening home with The Scientist doing nothing in particular. It was great.


I felt a lot better this morning and had no problem going back to work and being productive. It just goes to show that a well-chosen sick day once in a while (that was my first one this year) can really help in the long run.

The Scientist left at 6:15 this morning for a one-day business trip to give his big presentation. He gets back at 9:30 tonight. I just talked to him and he said it went really well, which is great. I got to preview his presentation yesterday afternoon and he did a wonderful job on it.

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