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2002-12-11 - 2:50 p.m.

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In a meeting this morning, the primary topic of conversation (at least at first) was Star Trek Nemesis. A woman was quoting an interview with Patrick Stewart while one guy talked about his experience going to Star Trek conventions and another discussed the frequency of episode reruns on TV. I definitely work with geeks. But I was laughing (quietly to myself with the phone on mute) with them, not at them, since The Scientist and I have plans to see the movie on Friday.


The Scientist and I have started doing pushups and sit-ups together. Sort of a pre-New Year's resolution thing. Yesterday we each did 20 pushups (I did the girly kind) and 20 full sit-ups. Then I went to play tennis. Today my stomach and back are really sore! My arms aren't too bad--I think they're in better shape from tennis. The plan is to gradually work our way up from 20. It might take a while.


I've been having really weird dreams lately. This morning I dreamt that I lost my wedding rings (my wedding band and engagement ring are welded together). In my asleep-yet-aware state, I felt for my third finger to see if it was there. I didn't feel anything and I became convinced that I wasn't dreaming anymore--that I was awake and had lost my rings. The panic brought me completely awake (for real this time) and I realized I had been feeling the third finger on my right hand.


As part of our Christmas presents to my family this year (A & T, S & J, parents, grandma) we are giving a DVD of Hawaii footage and pictures from our February trip to Kauai and a small photo album (done up as a mini scrapbook) of selected Hawaii pictures. The Scientist has been working on the DVD and I have been working primarily on the photo albums, adding my editing to the DVD at the end of the process.

photo album

Everything turned out superb. The albums, one of which is pictured above, are cute (but not too cute). I used the same Kolo photo album for everyone with the same picture on the cover and then six pictures inside (the inside pictures were a slightly different selection for the four albums). The scrapbook elements include a blue background on some pages and various tropical stickers (teeny flowers, few palm trees, and some sea creatures).

The DVD has three parts--our video footage, my uncle S.'s video footage, and a slide show of our photos from the trip. The Scientist did a great job editing all the footage. He took out the bad/boring stuff, added transitions between scenes, put in music, and really made it something fun to watch. The photos (most of which were taken with my digital camera and the rest were scanned from prints or slides) look great on the big screen. I'm just so pleased with the way it all turned out and I think my family will love them.

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