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2002-12-09 - 2:32 p.m.

Random Snippets

This week just flew by. I'm trying to remember what happened and all I can come up with is random snippets.


I was on the phone for work and had just lit some candles in the apartment. As it gets colder (and darker) it's a nice way to warm up my afternoon. I heard a tinkling sound and thought one of the cats had knocked something over, but they were still asleep in the bedroom. I looked on the coffee table and one of the glass candle holders had exploded and shattered everywhere. Luckily there was hardly any melted wax since I had just lit it and the coffee table wasn't on fire or anything.

I blew out the rest of the nearby candles and swept up the glass, but it was disconcerting. If I had still been standing nearby I could have been injured by the flying glass. Good thing I was in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Don't leave burning candles unattended--bad things can happen even if you're careful.


I'm almost done with the present wrapping. Our cats have been enjoying it.

Christmas Cat

I bought the paper at Target. I tried to buy this paper at The Container store, but the website was screwed up and I needed the paper quickly. Of course, now it seems fine. Too bad, I really like that paper. Maybe they'll have a sale after Christmas and I can stock up for next year.


Liz Lange and Target have announced a partnership. Liz Lange maternity clothes are great, but expensive, so it's super cool she'll be selling a cheaper line through Target.


Not that I need maternity clothes yet. That whole getting pregnant thing still isn't working out for us yet. It seems like every where I look someone is knocked up. Even Jamie Oliver's wife was sporting a baby belly on his show on Friday (the website says their daughter, Poppy Honey, was born this year). We've given ourselves until January. If I'm not pregnant by then it will then be 9 unsuccessful cycles (I've been charting my cycle for over a year) and we'll start with a basic infertility workup at the dr's office. I'm sure you can guess what the number one item on my Christmas wishlist is.

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