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2004-03-02 - 1:52 p.m.


The glass in the back door has been fixed. The guy who fixed it discovered that the same pane had been broken at least once before. Interesting that no one else thought of installing a doorstop. It's the little things...


The weather has been unreliable lately. One day, huge snowstorm. The next, 40°F and sunny.


I went back to the dentist the other day to get my cavity filled. My dentist is new to me, but I like him. He's really nice and the offices are open in amazingly convenient times for the working woman - until 8pm two nights a week, 9pm two nights a week, and 6pm on Fridays. After the annoyance my RE's rigid hours (closed entirely on weekends, open only 8-4:30 weekdays), it's a welcome relief to be able to schedule an appointment for 7:45 p.m., even if it is for something as unappealing as a filling.

I was given a choice to get my cavity filled with a porcelain/plastic/whatever white filling (or rather, "tooth colored) or a regular metal filling. All my other fillings are the invisible kind, so that's what I wanted until I found out that it would be $200 for that kind, but only $20 for the other. This is after my better-than-average dental insurance. Although vanity put up a good fight, frugality won in the end.

30 minutes later I was the proud owner of a very large green filling and a completely numb face. I have no idea why the filling is a) green or b) so big when it was supposedly a "small" cavity, but at least it didn't hurt at all and I guess I can't be picky for $20 dental work.


I consoled myself with a little retail therapy at Marshall Fields, buying two new bras (which I actually needed), a pair of workout pants (which I probably didn't as much, but they were on sale), and a black fancy cardigan for my Friday night sushi dinner (on an even better sale).


The best thing about work lately has been my new headphones ($19.99 at Target) and KEXP.

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