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2004-02-05 - 12:30 p.m.

The Sweetest Thing

flowers from The ScientistI was stuck at home in a blizzard (actually, several blizzards over the course of the week) and The Scientist ventured out to hunt and gather, otherwise known as going to the grocery store. He brought back food and these cheerful flowers. My office is brighter and my mood even more so.


It's a good thing I had one day of cheerfulness this week. The next morning I discovered the ceiling in our bathroom was leaking. The Scientist was already at work, but he came home to help me figure out where the leak was coming from.

As it turns out, we have a number of ice dams on our roof. Most of them aren't causing any trouble (yet) but the roof over the bathroom must have a weak spot. Apparently, ice dams are a huge problem this winter (the first really snowy winter in about five years).

We had some roof guys come out with pneumatic tools to break up as much of the offending ice dam as they could and The Scientist raked as much snow as he could reach off the roof, and the leaking stopped. But we now have ugly water damage on our plaster ceiling.

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