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2004-02-04 - 9:49 a.m.


Do you have an area of housework in which you could be described as "compulsive"? What's your biggest cleaning neurosis?

No, not really. I'm not compulsive/neurotic about any kind of household cleaning.

I try to follow the FlyLady policy about making the bed every morning and having a clean and shiny kitchen sink. We put dishes in the dishwasher as soon as we are done using them and pick up random clutter as much as possible, but hotspots do accumulate sometimes (case in point, our tax information is sitting on the desk by our front door, along with several days worth of newspapers). Laundry is folded immediately, but sometimes it takes a while for us to put it away.

The Scientist might think that my need to have the house cleaner than usual a) before company of any kind comes over for any length of time, and b) before we leave on a trip is a little neurotic, but among the women I've talked to, it is pretty normal.

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