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2003-06-19 - 10:52 a.m.

What I Did on My Hiatus

The last time I wrote anything was May. I guess I just took my first hiatus. Things at work and at home got overwhelmingly busy for me and since all I would have had to write about was, "very busy, nothing new," I just didn't.


But some things did happen while I was gone:

  • I did not get pregnant. We found out the swimmers don't swim very well and that The Scientist's insurance doesn't cover any infertility treatment. We'll have to wait until he gets new insurance to do further investigation. My insurance does cover diagnostic tests and some treatment, though, so we'll continue with that. I go to the doctor next week and hopefully will have an HSG scheduled for July.
  • We went on vacation to North Carolina. We spent time with The Scientist's family, including our niece, and went to the beach for four days by ourselves.
  • The Scientist got a job offer. We went to the Deep South for another job interview. He got another offer. He got two more offers.
  • He accepted one of the offers and now we're moving back to the Twin Cities. Yay!
  • I lost some tennis matches.
  • We decided to buy a house. We have a realtor and are going to look at properties this weekend.
  • We started packing.
Outer Banks NC

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