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2003-05-09 - 10:34 p.m.

Friday Five

1. Would you consider yourself an organized person? Why or why not? Yes, definitely. I'm an organizer and a planner. In fact, I would love to organize (and plan) other people's lives for a living. For our wedding, each participant (parents, ushers, honor attendants, etc.) got a folder with a schedule of events, important phone numbers, and list of tasks (in order). Everyone thought I was completely anal, but my dad was thirty minutes late to the rehearsal dinner because he didn't consult his schedule and thought it was at 7:30 instead of 7:00. Do not mock the master.

2. Do you keep some type of planner, organizer, calendar, etc. with you, and do you use it regularly? Yes. I have a work calendar on Lotus Notes (also work email and address book), a paper wall calendar hung up in my office (it's of The Hobbit), and the Palm calendar for my Handspring Visor. I used to sync work and home at my old job when I used Microsoft Outlook, but it's hard to get Lotus to sync properly. I suppose I should try harder because it's annoying to not have my full calendar on my Visor when I'm out and about, but the last time I tried everything got really screwed up.

3. Would you say that your desk is organized right now? Actually, my desk area (which includes my computer desk and my office table) is the one unorganized thing (besides our basement storage room). I don't have any real storage space in my office, so everything just piles up. When we move I'm going to invest in more shelving for my new office.

4. Do you alphabetize CDs, books, and DVDs, or does it not matter? Of course. In fact, they are alphabetized by author/artist/title within genres and also chronologically within series.

5. What's the hardest thing you've ever had to organize? Packing for almost a year abroad. It took me the better part of two weeks.

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