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2003-04-17 - 2:11 p.m.

Some Thoughts

From this week...

  • One week ago we had a blizzard. Monday and Tuesday, 85º F. Today, 40º F and raining. It's been like three different seasons in one week.
  • I got my period. Infertility testing continues. My doctor still hasn't called back with my blood test results. The Scientist went to his appointment and his initial physical exam checked out OK.
  • Book club last night was great, even though a couple of people couldn't join us (one had a work conflict and one didn't read the book - lame!). We read My Year of Meats by Ruth Ozeki, which I highly recommend, and had an excellent discussion.
  • I got paid and went shopping, buying a kitchen scale, some of The Scientist's birthday present, and toiletries.
  • I finished a huge (100 page) document at work and now I have time to do all the stuff I've been pushing aside to get this document written.
  • Now it's time to nap.

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