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2003-04-07 - 9:00 p.m.

White Out

You know, I was done with winter last month. But it continues to hang on. Our usually just-under-four-hours drive to the Twin Cities took SEVEN hours on Friday night. Seven. Hours. Seven hours of torture and driving through a blizzard. OK, 6 hours and 15 minutes of driving and 45 minutes of eating at Perkins while we waited for the white-out conditions to get even a little better.

The weekend continued with my dad going to the hospital for emergency eye surgery for a detached retina (he's doing fine post-surgery), my brother losing his wallet (he found it later), springing forward (I hate it), talking to my family about infertility (always fun), an uneventful drive home (thank goodness), not working on my huge work project like I was supposed to on Sunday night (watching TiVo instead), a snowstorm here that started at midnight Sunday night and is still going strong 13 hours later (more fucking snow and I guarantee our neighbors won't shovel), and six vials of blood drawn from my arm this morning (ouch, but the nurse gave me a Snoopy bandaid). I need a nap.


new hatWe did have fun this weekend hanging out with friends, seeing both my family (aunt, uncle, and brother) and The Scientist's family (cousin, cousin's wife, and their 1 1/2 year old), and doing stuff around the Twin Cities. We visited the newly-renovated Coffman Memorial Union on the U of MN campus and also saw the new pedestrian bridges across Washington Avenue. We had brunch with family and saw some bands play with friends.

new hatI went shopping and bought myself a hat for the beach (we're going to the beach in NC this summer) and a shirt for The Scientist. He had just described to me a few days earlier his ideal shirt (short-sleeved blue button-up with a straight hem) and then I found one.

The drive back was uneventful and I spent last night watching all the stuff that was recorded on TiVo while I was gone.

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