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2003-03-31 - 11:16 a.m.

In Which I Wonder What Planet I Am On

Several unexpected things have happened lately. First of all, I've been temporarily reassigned to a different department at work. "Temporarily" could mean "through the end of the year or longer." This means I no longer have to deal with my sow of a team leader, my annoying co-workers, or my shitty manager. At least, not as much. It does mean, though, that I'll be a lot busier.


In the category of, "Is this an April Fool's joke?" I talked to my mom on the phone last week when she was visiting my grandma in Iowa. Let me preface this by saying that while my mom and grandma are the nicest women in the world, they are the epitome of Midwestern Iowa-bred WASPs.

My mom told me she had to hang up because she and my grandma were going to see a movie. When I asked her what movie they were going to see she said, "It's that new one with that comedian. That Chris Rock." What?

I asked her who had selected the movie and she said, "Well, your grandma really wants to see it." I asked her if she knew who Chris Rock is and she assured me that she did. A few days later I talked to her again and asked her what she thought of the movie. She said, "I'm glad I didn't pay full price, but it was funny. Your grandma love it, though!" I'm still in a state of shock from this. Have aliens abducted my family members? My conservative Republican grandma loved a Chris Rock movie?


The Scientist came home early from his business trip last week. He called me on Tuesday night and said that he was coming home on Wednesday. Since he wasn't supposed to get home until Friday, this was unexpected. Evidently a piece of equipment they needed for the project was being held by the USDA. It had been there for almost two weeks (so far). It had made it through customs in a couple of days, but then stalled at the USDA. Really strange, especially since it had been ordered by and was being shipped to a Large Respectable International Food Company, not some guy off the street. The USDA wouldn't even return the phone calls of the employees of the Large Respectable International Food Company.

He has to go back next week since his trip ended so early. Hopefully the equipment will no longer be at the USDA, otherwise it's going to be another short trip.


It snowed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Not at lot, but still. Snow. Yesterday was a high of 75°F. Today, 58°F. I just want Spring to have sprung already.


I'm going to the doctor for my first infertility appointment today. I think it is going to be a pelvic exam and some blood tests, as well as background questions/info and hopefully a referral to a specialist. HMOs move slowly.

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