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2003-03-12 - 3:37 p.m.


I made The Scientist watch The Man From Snowy River with me last night. We bought a new center channel speaker on Sunday (in the open box section of a local electronics store so we got it for less than half the list price) and wanted to try it out on a DVD. I picked out TMFSR. It held up surprisingly well, although there were a few moments of ultra cheese. Not to mention a number of Tight Pants moments. We both walked around the house singing, "Doo doo doo doo dee dee doo doo doo," which in case you couldn't tell is the main musical theme of the movie. When I first saw the movie, I wanted to change my name to Jessica because I thought Jessica Harrison was so beautiful and spunky. Now I just wonder how she got away with wearing so much eyeliner.


Update: the Lemon Mousse Cake (which was supposed to be Lemon Pudding Bars) was indeed yummy, if altogether different than the original recipe.


One of the cats has a new trick. Yesterday afternoon I heard some small noises coming from behind my computer desk and thought at first that they were coming from the walls outside, caused by our ever-present squirrels. Then I realized that the noises were coming from inside the office and I opened the door to where my computer tower sits. Perched on the shelf (displacing various CDs, which was what caused the noise) was one of the cats. I screeched - I wasn't expecting to see a live animal inside my desk on top of my computer and it startled me - and The Scientist came to see what all the commotion was about and cracked up laughing as he saw the horrified look on my face and the puzzled look on the cat's face.

Since then I've opened the door to find the cat there several more times. He seems to sneak in when I'm doing something else (like making my lunch) so I don't hear him or see him do it, he just suddenly appears in there. Unfortunately, it's been too dark to get a good picture.

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