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2003-03-03 - 2:59 p.m.

Nothing but the Kitchen Sink

The Scientist woke me up this morning saying, "I tried to turn the faucet on to rinse out my cereal bowl and it broke off!" He called the landlord and they said it would be fixed today. He moved the sink full of dirty dishes over to the dish drainer and we rinsed our breakfast dishes in the bathroom sink. That seems unsanitary, somehow, although it's not really any different than using the kitchen sink. It's not like we're using toilet water or anything.

broken faucetbroken faucet

Six Hours Later...

The maintenance guy finally showed up and fixed our faucet. As the afternoon progressed with no sign of him, I was afraid he wouldn't show up at all. I was trying to decide when to bug the landlord, but then he finally arrived sometime after 2. We have achieved running water in the kitchen sink!

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