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2003-01-23 - 10:55 a.m.

Hot Water Bottle

The old-fashioned hot water bottle is saving my life. It's so cold here (-7º F when The Scientist left for work this morning) and our apartment is drafty and freezing and I've been suffering. I can wear multiple layers, big socks, fuzzy slippers, etc. but no matter what I do my hands are still cold. Last night I brought the hot water bottle in bed with me to watch tennis (still the Australian Open) and it was wonderful. I was actually hot by the time The Scientist joined me and was happy to pass off the hot water bottle to him (he was grateful).

This afternoon The Scientist came home early and made me another hot water bottle while I was on a conference call (chained to my office an unable to go to the kitchen to do it myself). It's been in various places ever since (my lap, under my feet, on my hands, between my back and my chair) and it feel soooo good.

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