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2003-01-20 - 11:41 a.m.


We had a lovely weekend doing not much of anything. Friday afternoon I did some errands, buying a new black work-quality skirt (for when I'm in the office, not at home) on sale for 60% off, some shower curtain roller thingies (also on sale), and groceries at Whole Foods (sadly, not on sale). When I got home The Scientist and I walked over (only three blocks, but it's really cold) to our local Thai restaurant for dinner. We shared the appetizer combo, split a pad thai, and got out of there for something like $17 including tip. We then walked down to the Willy St. Co-Op (4 blocks) for cake (him: chocolate, me: carrot) and then walked home (another 3 blocks, making sort of a triangle). By the time we got home our legs were numb from the cold.

We watched a PBS American Experience documentary on Chicago, ate our dessert, caught up on TiVo, and went to bed, watching the Australian Open before we fell asleep.


The Saturday morning (9-10:30) tennis drill I sometimes go to was full, so I made excellent use of that time by sleeping until noon. The Scientist went to his usual coffeehouse while I was asleep and brought me back a pumpkin muffin, which I ate in bed. Decadent.

We went to see Antwone Fisher in the afternoon, which we both enjoyed. For dinner, I cooked Jamie Oliver's Fantastic Fish Pie (not actually an American-style pie, more of a hot dish with mashed potatoes on top), Sheila's Pudding (again, only a "pudding" in the British sense, it's more of a peach cobbler but with cake instead of crumble on top), and homemade vanilla ice cream. It was, indeed, fantastic. The Scientist was skeptical about the fish pie, saying "It's not a recipe I would have picked out," but he approved of the results. I used really good cheese (Irish cheddar and some other hard cheese that smelled good) from Whole Foods, sea scallops from Whole Foods, and frozen (thawed before using) cod from the regular grocery store for the fish pie and organic peaches from Whole Foods for the pudding. Yum.


Sunday was more of the same, sleeping in, lounging about, and eating leftovers. Also, our usual massive Sunday Laundry. I'll be really, really, really, incredibly happy when we have our own washer and dryer.

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