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2003-01-14 - 5:00 p.m.

Still sick, but getting better

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like crap. Part of it was being sick with this cold, part of it was depression (hello Aunt Flo again), part of it was cramps, and part of it was just the usual I-hate-work-and-it's-Monday blahs. I decided that if I went to work I'd just be a big slacker all day, so since my voice was practically gone and I really was sick I would just take a sick day. My manager was very understanding (I'm sure it helped that she didn't recognize my voice on the phone at first) and I went back to bed.


Strangely enough, I didn't go back to sleep in the morning or even nap during the afternoon. I curled up in bed and watched trashy television (VH1, MTV, TLC, HGTV). When I got tired of that I took a shower and put on clean pajamas and watched more trashy television. I tried to read but I couldn't focus and my page-turning hand kept going numb with cold. Our apartment is freezing again (I think our neighbors turned down the heat after the $145 energy bill--that's $145 per apartment because the three apartments split the energy bills evenly, so a total of $435 for the building--and besides the low temperature outside last night was 2 degrees F) and any body part not completely under the flannnel-down-blanket trio immediately became ice cold.

Eventually there really was nothing watchable on TV, so I moved to the living room and put in The Thomas Crown Affair DVD (1999 not 1968). I absolutely adore this movie. I missed it in the theaters and didn't see it until AR leant it to me. I immediately fell in love with it. It's a caper and a mystery and a romance and it's fun, sexy, and thoroughly entertaining. Renee Russo is sexy and strong, Pierce Brosnan is sexy and clever, and the whole movie makes me happy. And really, that's what I look for in a movie. I know some people look for other things--deeper meaning, cinematic originality, groundbreaking filmmaking techniques, heartwrenching emotion, gritty drama, but all I really want is to be entertained by something smart but not pretentious. Plus, I really want that house in Martinique.

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