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2002-12-24 - 4:23 p.m.

Christmas Eve Day

Happy Christmas Eve Day!

It's been an interesting day for mail in our house. My Beck CD, Sea Change, finally arrived from BN.com. They had screwed up and forgotten to include it in an earlier package (a package with items I ordered in November before Thanksgiving but that didn't arrive until December 16th). I had to call customer service and reorder it. Supposedly shipping costs and the original order were both credited to my account, but I haven't checked my credit card statement yet. When the CD arrived today there were shipping charges added on, so I need to figure out if I've been charged by mistake.

Some candles I ordered also arrived, but only half the order was in the box that came today even though the packing slip/receipt was for the full order. I really hope they don't try to deliver it while we're gone--it was shipped via UPS and it would really suck to have it returned to the store. Grrr.

I'm anticipating some customer service calls in my future and they're not really things I want to deal with while I'm gone.


Our day has been spent packing, working, listening to music, and generally getting ready to leave town. We're visiting my parents in the Far North until January 2nd. I may post some back-entries when I return, but I doubt I'll be posting anything while I'm gone. Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2003.

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