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2002-11-07 - 3:47 p.m.

Anti-procrastination Day

Wednesdays are FlyLady's anti-procrastination days. In that spirit I have done the following things today:

  • Sent an irate email to Lomo's customer service asking where my purchases are (paid for and supposedly shipped on October 17th). This was my second irate email and I just received a response from Paul in customer service. Paul's going to fix this, I can tell. Half of my brother JK's Christmas present is in this order and I really want it to arrive.
  • Made the cover for and packaged up to mail a Mason Jennings mix CD for my friend M. in Utah. Also sent her a black cardigan that shrank (shrunk? I've gone back and forth so many times they both look incorrect) in the wash. She weighs about 110 lbs. soaking wet, so it should fit her.
  • Responded to a backlog of work and non-work emails.
  • Read the October Spin magazine featuring The White Stripes. Spin has been randomly showing up in my mailbox for the past two years. I've never subscribed to this magazine, yet they have my name and send me random issues. They even followed me through three moves, the last one being to a different state. It's not every month, just a month here and there. Sometimes two or three months in a row, then nothing for three months. Weird.
  • Printed out directions to the play I'm going to with my friend K. on Saturday night.
  • Started making the new accent pillows for the sofa.
  • Finalized the plans to visit my actual office location next week.
  • Cleaned out my socks (got rid of all the Lone Ranger socks as well as the ones I don't like).
  • Cleaned out the travel/toiletries drawer of old stuff, half-empty bottles, and products I'll never use.
  • Plugged in my mobile phone, which had been sitting in my bag for the past four days.
  • Found a sub for tennis league for next Thursday when I'll be out of town.
  • Switched from AOL Instant Messenger to Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Hmmmm, that anti-procrastination thing didn't seem to apply to actually posting this entry. However, I did continue my anti-procrastination today (Thursday) by:

  • Finishing the last parts of my big work document that I've been avoiding.
  • Starting to transfer my folder filled with recipes into a three-ring binder filled with recipes (with handy dividers).
  • Cleaning out the "supplies" desk drawer in our office (my 27-fling boogie for the day).
  • Buying birthday and Christmas presents for my almost-niece T.
  • Buying a Christmas present for my actual niece D.

I think that's it. Tennis was cancelled twice this week for me which has given me a nice breather. I've spent my time doing all of the above tasks and projects around the house, watching TiVo, reading, and just hanging out.


I'm participating in FlyLady's challenge this week to cook all our meals out of the freezer/cabinets. So far it's going well. Monday night The Scientist had a bratwurst (his choice) and I had an apple and cheddar omelette (yum). Tuesday night I made an Indian/curry/chickpea stew (from various cans of stuff), garlic herb cous-cous (from a box), and mashed sweet potatoes (baked in the oven, then mashed). Last night we had leftovers. Tonight The Scientist is going out to a birthday party and I'll either have another omelette (it was so good) or make shrimp and corn chowder. In fact, I haven't had lunch yet so maybe I'll have both. Omelette now and chowder later. We have chicken in the freezer for tomorrow night and then we'll probably go out on Saturday night.

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