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2002-11-04 - 3:41 p.m.

Catching up

So, it was Halloween. Now it's November. It's hard to remember what's happened in between, but I'll give it a go:

  • The Scientist went out of town a job interview, which went well, but he probably won't hear back about if he got the job until the end of the year.
  • I stayed up too late watching Different for Girls on TV while The Scientist was gone.
  • I did not make the new pillows for our sofa.
  • I had a huge deadline at work, for which I worked a ton of overtime and was a writing maniac. I made the deadline, but lost a lot of sleep to a) working and b) worrying about work.
  • I made yummy chocolate peanut butter bars.
  • The Scientist and I lost at Trivial Pursuit (for only the second time ever!). In fact, we got our asses kicked.
  • I won a tennis tournament and have hobbled around the house incredibly stiff and sore in the two days since.
  • I made plans to visit my actual office location in two weeks (staying with my friend AR for a half-weekend of bonding).

The big work deadline is still looming over me. I finished the first draft but now I have to make a bunch of revisions by the end of today, as well as create two other documents for a meeting tomorrow. And holy shit it's after 3:30. Both tasks involve tracking down little bits of information and making minute hard-to-track-yet-important changes.

I'm tired and rushed. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back with energy and time.

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