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2002-10-17 - 9:03 a.m.

Food & Drink & Good Company

The lasagne (that's how the cookbook spells it, so I'd better comply) turned out great. I substituted turkey for beef and added some fresh spinach. I probably also used more cheese than the recipe called for, but this is Wisconsin. Land of Cheese. Cheese is good.

The cookies are good too, but not spectacular. I think I made them a little too thin. Next time I'll make them thicker.


Hanging out with C. has been great. We had a nice dinner, drank some wine, and went out to a local bar. Drank some beer, shot some pool (I actually won a game, despite being woefully out of practice), and talked. This morning I made tea and we hung out talking in the kitchen between my conference calls. I miss having (girl) friends around to do that sort of stuff with.

She's visiting her friend in the hospice again today. It's really upsetting for her, but she's glad she could visit him. It's all just so horrific. He's 29 and was diagnosed at the end of June. The doctors don't know where the cancer started but it's in a lot of his major organs and his lungs. He had some pain in his back and then in his stomach, but the doctors kept sending him away with various prescriptions and no one thought to look for anything serious. Now it's too late and he's decided to not do any more treatment (he's had chemo) because his prognosis is so bad.

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