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2002-10-01 - 12:46 p.m.

I'm back!

It wasn't the power supply. After it arrived on Wednesday evening, we replaced the old power supply with the new one and still nothing happened. Another call to tech support at 10p.m. Wednesday evening and I was put on the schedule for a home visit by a repair technician. Miraculously he called me on Friday at noon wondering if it would be ok to come by in a couple of hours. Of course! Anytime!

The tech fixed me right up with a new motherboard and in less than an hour I was back up and running. One heart-stopping crash (to a grey screen--I've never had a grey screen before) during some system updates, but other than that it's been fine. I've been spending my time backing up and catching up.


Speaking of things that are back, the rodents are back in our apartment. Well, not in, exactly, but sort of between. They live under our bathtub and in the walls during the fall/winter. At first we thought they were The Rodents Who Must Not Be Named (otherwise known as r-a-t-s) but The Scientist did a little research (as he does) and caught the rodents in question entering our building. Squirrels. Thank goodness. They're very loud, doing their nest-building I imagine. The cats are fascinated by them. They hang out in the bathroom crouched down, ears swiveling, listening to the squirrels scratch about. It's like cat radio.


Before my computer went down, I clicked by mistake on a seemingly innocuous link that took me to a porn site. It was one of those sites that hijacks your browser--it spawned window after window, taking my browser over completely until I had to force quit to get it to stop. Ever since then I've been receiving lovely emails in my inbox like the following.

nasty email

Oh yeah, baby, that's exactly what I want to see. I mean, come on, give me a break. My midwestern sensibilities were shocked! and disgusted! by the first one, but I'm getting desensitized now. It's all teen sex and bestiality, very perverse. I delete them all immediately, but still, I feel so dirty. And now I've made you feel dirty! Share the love.

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