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2002-09-16 - 11:21 a.m.

Days go by.

This weekend was pretty quiet, mostly because I felt terrible and needed some quality time curled up in bed. The Scientist was very patient, even though he really wanted to go out and shoot some pool.

We did get a lot of work done on the wardrobe. The sanding is finished. I filled in holes today. Once the wood filler dries, it gets sanded down and then we're ready for the primer coat. [Post script: I finished the primer coat last night!]

sanded and almost ready to prime

Today I discovered a weird side-effect of the weekend's wood working. I'm wearing the same overalls today as I did this weekend and this morning [editorial warning: TMI ahead] as I was sitting on the toilet I noticed something strange in my underwear. No, not anything gross (although it was scary). It was a 2-inch long spike of wood (it was much to big to be called a splinter, although it was generally splinterish in nature) ready to stab me. In fact, I can't believe it didn't stab me. It must have been stuck in my overalls somewhere and worked its way down to a convenient, um, crevice. A frightening way to start one's morning, let me tell you.


My FlyLady-ing is going moderately well. The barrage of email is a little much, but I've found that it does help to have someone completely external to our household "nagging" me to keep up with things. I renewed my library books this morning thanks to one of the reminders. After my conference call this afternoon I'll take a five-minute break to clean off the bathroom surfaces. Tasks feel manageable in 5-15 minute chunks. And I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really liking the whole bed-making thing. It takes about three minutes (the way I do it--no hospital corners here) and makes the bedroom look clean and neat, keeps the cats off the pillows, gives me somewhere to stash things as I put them away, and makes climbing into bed at night somehow more fulfilling. I've been converted and now I'm an evangelist.


We went to a street fair in our neighborhood this weekend. Or more accurately, we walked through the street fair in our neighborhood. I wanted to find some food, but nothing appealed to me. We looked at some clothes, but The Scientist informed me I can't pull off the neo-hippie ethnic look. I think I was being drawn to the tie-dyed dresses as a last-gasp of summer. It was a gorgeous day, but with just enough bite in the air that I realized it won't be long until autumn.

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