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2002-09-09 - 9:37 a.m.

Monday, Monday.

The stripping is progressing. Here is the latest picture. The Scientist had to take over stripping duties (and wasn't he cute while doing it?) because the fumes were getting to me. I'm on sanding duty, however. The details are the tricky parts. It looks uneven in the picture (because it is) but that should improve after sanding and washing.

wardrobe with two doors stripped

When The Scientist gets the rest of the paint off, I'll take over the sanding. I'll be using the Mouse that my mom got me for Christmas two years ago, steel wool, and regular sandpaper. That, plus the elbow grease provided by Yours Truly should do the trick. Then comes washing, pre-coating, staining, and top-coating with polyurethane.

It's fun to see this project come together. There was a point on Saturday when The Scientist got really discouraged and felt like we would never finish. The paint wasn't coming off easily, the fumes were noxious, and it was really, really hot (what's up with the 90-degree F weather in September?). But I reminded him that my first door had taken four coats of stripper to come clean and we started putting on thicker coats of stripper, which seemed to work better. All was well.


In between working on the wardrobe, we watched a lot of tennis this weekend. There were some great matches. I particularly enjoyed the Agassi-Hewitt semi-final and the Williams sisters' final. The Agassi-Sampras final got better as it went on, although I really wanted Agassi to win. Pete was really happy, though, and it was nice the way he ran up into the crowd to hug and kiss his (pregnant) wife Bridget.

Speaking of wardrobes and tennis, the biggest feature (heh) of this year's U.S. Open, though, was Serena's Ass. I kept looking for a picture, but the U.S. Open website was cropping them all so her ass was out of the frame. Finally, I found one.

there it is

The Williams sisters are my favorite players on the women's tour and I've always liked their unconventional (for the tennis world) style. But the black pleather catsuit is taking it too far. At various points you could see the line of her thong. That's just too much information for me.


I played some tennis this weekend, as well as watching it. Another tournament, doubles this time. It went badly. We lost our first round match, went into the consolation bracket (i.e., the losers bracket), and lost our first consolation match, thus putting us completely out of the tournament by 11:00 a.m. Was that really worth getting up at 6:00 a.m.? (I had to be there by 7:30 a.m.) I was playing with a woman who I've drilled with before, but never played a match with. If we had had time to practice together (her only free time was the weekend we were in Houston) I think it would have gone better. Our opponents played "old lady tennis" (as my partner called it) with lots of lobs and slow balls and we just didn't adjust well. Bummer. I hate losing.


The Scientist went to the Wisconsin-West VA football game while I was playing tennis. He and T. scored $15 tickets from an older couple (face value was $30). They ended up leaving at half-time, though, because Wisconsin was kicking West VA's ass.

Saturday night, after tennis, football, napping, and sweating in the heat, The Scientist cooked me dinner. I wasn't involved at all, except to approve the recipe and show up at the table. It was wonderful! Not just the food, but his effort (and my lack of effort).


Sunday night we went over to some friends' house for a birthday celebration. They live down the street, so we walked. It was a beautiful night after all the daytime heat. The party was really fun--we were the first to arrive but we had a good time talking to the hosts until other people showed up. The guy, S., is from North Carolina like The Scientist and is also into music and records, so they have a lot to talk about usually. S. and T. (the woman) are friends-of-friends, but we really like them and I wish we could get to the point where we were friends without any qualifiers. It's hard to do that as adults, though. We are all busy and it's always been hard for me to just call up someone I don't know well and ask them to hang out with me. I tend to wait for it to happen organically and that can take a long time.

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