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2002-08-19 - 2:45 p.m.

Fun with chatting, redux.

More illicit chatting while working.

AR: Funny that [co-worker 1] is whinging to others....
yasmara: yes
AR: oh funny
AR: whining is what I meant.
AR: ha
yasmara: but whinging is an acceptable word
yasmara: you're using brit-slang without realizing!
AR: I know -- it's funny!
AR: I wouldn't have thought of that if I had been trying.
yasmara: ha
AR: brit slang is only poseury for me
AR: [co-worker 2] in this meeting bothers me
yasmara: yes
yasmara: he's been like this lately
AR: he whines and compains about everything -- but when you research with him he can't articulate the problems, and then you have to chase him down for review comments (which he never really gives)
yasmara: exactly
AR: it's like "bitch about [our organization]" is the easy thing to do
yasmara: Or he admits he was freaking out on purpose for no real reason just to freak *other* people out.
AR: He admits that?
yasmara: Well, no. He just says in follow-up that he didn't have a real issue, thus tacitly admitting the fake freakout.
AR: ah
AR: did I tell you I sliced open my knuckle while wrestling with a frozen bagel?
yasmara: Did it bleed a lot?
AR: not really
AR: super clean slice -- I could pull it apart alot, but then I pushed it together
yasmara: stop that!
AR: looked really weird -- like chicken not cooked all the way
AR: pink, then red
yasmara: bleh
AR: but not a lot of bleeding
AR: it was scary -- totally just sliced. Good Wustof workmanship.
AR: good lord is that [co-worker 1] talking?
AR: beep
AR: beep
AR: beep
AR: can hear myself beeping on the phone
AR: ha ha ha ha
yasmara: lame
yasmara: you suck!
AR: I'm such a bitch
AR: sorry. really, I am.
AR: I could totally hear that and it was so funny to me.
yasmara: [co-worker 2] was totally, "review one isn't important"
AR: he sucks!
yasmara: thanks, [co-worker 2]
AR: good comment from you though
AR: I could hear you clearly over your AIM beeping
yasmara: thanks.
yasmara: good
yasmara: easily amused
yasmara: you are
AR: like Yoda you talk
yasmara: on purpose it was
yasmara: ha ha
yasmara: that cracked me up!
AR: me too!
AR: this could go on for a long time
yasmara: end it now we must
yasmara: hee
AR: uh.....
AR: ok.
AR: that's the best I could do.
yasmara: agree with you I do
AR: I need to start attending these meetings if only for the purpose of amusing myself with you.
yasmara: ok, stopping now I am
AR: stop it!
yasmara: yes!
yasmara: done
yasmara: I swear
AR: out loud laughing am I.
yasmara: (although in my head I keep going--"swear it to you, I do")
AR: laughing so hard
yasmara: ha ha ha
AR: soooo hard
yasmara: me too!
AR: So you know my list of car woes?
yasmara: yes
AR: add a new one -- recharge AC. sigh. No clue how much this will cost.
AR: so here's the list: $50 deductible glass, $500 deductible door, $200 AC potentially, $600 new muffler.
yasmara: lame
yasmara: I injured our new car last week
yasmara: I haven't told The Scientist.
yasmara: Scraped the bottom of the bumper against the curb.
yasmara: Bumper is heavily scratched (it's plastic) and paint is off (black plastic showing through).
AR: oh yuck that sucks
yasmara: I know
AR: but not too visible
AR: plastic won't rust either
yasmara: Totally my fault--I made a hasty u-turn in the middle of our street and didn't have enough curb clearance. Trying to snag parking because I was late.
AR: I'm signing off the meeting now
yasmara: Don't go!
AR: what should I hang around for? this meeting is over for me.
yasmara: They always start to end the meeting and then have a bunch more.
AR: ok fine
yasmara: You must stay!
AR: still here
AR: ahhhhh
yasmara: wow, earliest meeting ending EVER!
AR: I'm free -- to do what I want -- any old time.....
AR: no kidding
AR: do you remember that song?
yasmara: yes
yasmara: the soup dragons
AR: soupdragons?
AR: ha ha
AR: ok must go now
AR: thanks for entertaining me
AR: good friend you are
yasmara: my pleasure
yasmara: yoda
yasmara: ha


That cracks me up. We really do get work done and we really do pay attention during meetings. Just not all the time.


I spent Thursday-Saturday of last week battling crazy Aunt Flo cramps and generally wanting to be curled up in the fetal position in my bed. That didn't stop me from going out on Thursday night to my friend K.'s birthday BBQ and drinking half a bottle of wine, going to see xXx on Friday night with K., or going to see Blue Crush on Saturday afternoon, however. Granted, none of these things really required a lot of effort on my part. The Scientist went with me to the theater both times, but didn't see the same movies. While K. and I saw xXx, he saw Blood Work (although his movie got out earlier than ours, so he joined us for the xXx finale) and when I saw Blue Crush, he saw Signs.

Everyone enjoyed their respective movies. K. liked xXx better than I did, but I was sufficiently amused by it. I was in the mood for mindless entertainment, and it certainly provided that. The Scientist liked Blood Work and scoffed at the end of xXx. Saturday's movies were even more successful. I thought Blue Crush rocked. It was a great mix of girl-power, wicked surfing scenes, romance, and triumphing-against-your-fears message. I'm so going to own it on DVD!

In both of the movies that I saw, there was a preview for Eight Mile. Has anyone else heard of this? Evidently it's a fictionalized account of Eminem's life (and stars Eminem). I had heard something about it before, but thought it sounded cheesy. The preview looked really good, though. After watching a bunch of back-to-back previews that made me want to see the movies being previewed, I leaned over to K. and said, "They really have our demographic down, don't they?" I was in awe of the marketing skills. Or maybe I'm just a lot more predictable than I like to think.


On Sunday my aunt A. was in town and we had a nice time walking around State Street/campus, talking, and having dinner. For once, we got to pay! The Scientist was very sneaky and got his credit card to the waitress while A. and I were in the bathroom after dinner. I think this is the first time ever we've gotten to pay for dinner. Of course, we paid when the bill was $60, not $160. Funny how that works.

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