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2002-08-15 - 2:06 p.m.

Fun with chatting.

Here's what happens when two good friends start chatting online while working.

AR: Did I tell you about the 3 20-something guys I saw playing with a Sith lightsaber in the baseball field by my brother's house?
yasmara: No. But that's funny. For various reasons.
AR: I know.
AR: I laughed.
yasmara: We were in Barnes & Noble the other night and three really geeky early 20s people (2 guys, 1 girl) were having this long discussion about the Star Wars movies.
AR: ha ha ha
AR: them = some of our friends
yasmara: One guy kept saying how the new ones just don't live up to the old ones, etc., etc., etc. and how it was so cool the first time he saw the old ones.
AR: uh.... DUH.
yasmara: We kind of rolled our eyes at each other because you know the first time they saw the originals had to be on VIDEO!
AR: ha ha ha
AR: one of the good parts of being OLD.
yasmara: Way too young to have seen them in the theater except on re-release a few years ago.
AR: poseur
yasmara: Plus, they were talking about it in that way where you just think to yourself that it's a conversation *everyone* has had but they just don't know it/aren't conscious of it yet.
yasmara: Sort of like that existential college meaning-of-life discussion.
yasmara: But with Star Wars.
AR: ha ha ha
AR: college kid = center of universe, only authentic experience
yasmara: yeah, totally
AR: I was that.
AR: Plus a lot of beer.
yasmara: I was too, but I remember even at the time thinking that if someone was to look at us from outside they'd be looking at a cliche. I was NOT that aware in high school, however.
AR: true
AR: my high school journals are hilarious
yasmara: Mine too. Did I ever tell you about the one I found when I was freaking out because I weighed 115 pounds and I thought I was fat? I was the SAME HEIGHT as today.
AR: Babe, I was there.
AR: I remember crying about my ass when I was a freakin' size 6.
yasmara: I know!
yasmara: Lame.
AR: SIX!!!!
yasmara: Hmmm, maybe I should go exercise now. I was sick last night and skipped tennis.
AR: I've been doing my tapes again regularly and changing eating habits. Let me just say -- watch out of all of a sudden you infuse your diet with oatmeal.
yasmara: Oh. Ick.
AR: Yeah.
yasmara: Hey, I just clicked on my Gold Box on Amazon and the first thing listed was a cement mixer!
yasmara: Do I seem like the type of person who needs their own personal cement mixer?
AR: ha ha ha
yasmara: For only $314.95!
AR: Well for that price you'd better get one. Immediately.
yasmara: The next one is that CHEESY hair braider (twister) thing!
AR: ha ha ha
yasmara: I thought that was only sold on TV.
AR: those 2 things are anti-you.
yasmara: I know!
yasmara: Next a gardening hose. These are LAME. No wonder they're on sale.

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