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2002-06-07 - 1:35 p.m.

Ripped from Sherry who got if from Mar. I'm still working on that Boston entry.

Name three foods you regularly eat:
01. yogurt
02. fish (seafood of any kind, really, including sushi and sashimi)
03. chocolate

Name three drinks you regularly drink:
01. water
02. cranberry juice
03. tea with milk & sugar

Name three of the worst recordings you (used to) own:
01. New Kids on the Block
02. Cheap Trick's greatest hits
03. I can't think of another one!

Name three ice cream flavors you love:
01. chocolate & peanut butter (Edy's)
02. dolce de leche (Häagen-Dazs)
03. gold medal ribbon (Baskin & Robbins)

Name three things currently attached to your body
01. engagement & wedding rings (welded together)
02. small diamond earring in left ear
03. my clothes (black t-shirt, dark blue jean skirt, black converse slides)

Name three random facts about your family:
01. I'm the oldest and only girl (two younger brothers)
02. my youngest brother graduated from high school last week
03. my dad is about to become a general in the Air National Guard

Name three colors you love:
01. purple
02. red
03. black

Name three items in your bag:
I don't carry a bag anymore (!) but if I did:
01. wallet
02. keys
03. lipstick

Name three items you require everyday:
01. time on the internet for email and journals
02. a goodnight kiss from The Scientist (every night we've been together, isn't that cute?)
03. Dannon yogurt (mixed berry or cherry)

Name three bad habits you hate people doing:
01. loud breathing
02. slow merging on the freeway
03. forwarding me stupid chain letter emails

Name three bad habits you possess:
01. procrastinating
02. not putting away clean clothes--they live on the chair in our bedroom
03. getting frustrated over things that don't matter

Name three things you enjoy:
01. reading
02. playing tennis
03. cooking

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