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2002-05-17 - 3:28 p.m.

You know, I did. I liked it! I really liked it. Sure, there were flaws. The dialogue couldn't have been more stilted. My celebrity boyfriend Ewan's hair was unfortunate (he's supposed to grow up to be Sir Alec Guinness--give him a bit more style and make him look less scruffy! It's possible to have a well-manicured beard.), sometimes distractingly unfortunate. The kid was whiny and immature, but he wasn't horrible. And you know, it just hung together and I left the theater happy and excited and ready for the next one. The action sequences were awesome (except the speeder bikes which looked fake), there was a plot, the intrigue really worked for me and the last 30 minutes were spectacular. It was interesting to see the development of the Fetts (and the clones). And yes, Yoda rocks the free world.

I want to see it again because there was a lot going on to process. I don't think it had the heart of the first three (or the last three, depending on how you want to sequence them--chronologically in the story or chronologically by production) but it had style and it was cool. The Scientist liked it even more than I did, so our household says two thumbs up.

For an opposing view, check out what this guy has to say. Ouch.


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