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2002-05-02 - 12:25 p.m.

So, who am I? Not that anyone's reading this, but maybe someday someone will be interested.

My name is fairly distinctive, so I'm not revealing it yet. Discovery paranoia, I guess. I'm a 27-year-old woman, married to The Scientist (who works at a Big University as a post-doctorate researcher and is looking for a professor job). I work for a Large Corporation (LC) which I probably won't talk about except in very general terms--I don't want to get fired. At the end of March we moved from one part of the midwest to another for The Scientist's post-doc job and I went from an hour-and-fifteen-minute commute in my car to a stroll from the bedroom to my office in our apartment. It's been quite a transition.

The Scientist and I have two cats, no kids, three computers, and one car. I like to read, watch TV (mostly Buffy and various medical shows on TLC and the Discovery channel--I complain constantly that we don't get the Style network anymore so I can't watch Nigella Lawson on Nigella Bites), play tennis, cook, surf the web, eat sushi, read online journals, shoot pool, and see movies.

My dreams are to own a house and write (and publish) a novel. This journal is an exercise for me--to find my own voice and write more.

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